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How can you elevate your group art jamming sessions?


Although art jamming sessions are for everyone, that doesn’t mean that they are a walk in the park. Art jamming activities are fun and achievable but there are things that you should consider doing if at all you would wish your art jamming Singapore sessions to be amazing. Here is what you should elevate your group art jamming sessions

Avoid using a lot of paint

When you are in an art jamming workshop, you should do all you can to avoid using a lot of paint. What you should do is try to explore different textures, tones as well as exploring opacity. The first important thing to do is coming up with a great sketch. In an art jamming workshop, a sketch is something that you should work on as a group. Many people make the mistake of mixing all the colors they are been provided with but you do not need all that paint. When you keep your brush into too much paint, you will not be able to achieve the texture that you have always wanted. You should always start with less paint then proceed with more.

No water is needed in acrylic paint

If you have been using watercolor before, it is understandable that you find it very normal to deep your art jamming Singapore brushes in water. If you are dealing with acrylics, you should never consider using water at all. Although you can still experiment with water to achieve a certain look, it is very important to always know that water is not needed and is not necessary.

Have fun

To enjoy art jamming workshops, you should allow yourself to have fun. You can start by mingling with people who are close to you. You should enjoy the process.

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