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Download msvcp140.dll to fix missing error

What is the Mscvp140.dll file?

It is a part of the Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable that permits software developers to make programs for Windows in C++.

Once they have written their program visual studio plans it up and then for your computer to understand it you need to have the right Redistributable installed.

Generally, it is one of the primary things that installed when you get a new PC and is bundled with many of the programs that need it to be present to run successfully.

Chances are a program you have installed recently or a latest window update you have start has destroyed the Msvcp140.dll file and left you with a damage copy.

This DLL is required for such famous program as Origin and without it; you will find it is almost impossible to launch Borderlands and Apex Legends.

Some other famous games that may report that this DLL was found include Dolphin Emulator, PUBG and Mafia 3.

Why is the Msvcp140.dll missing error emerging?

A bad case scenario is that you may have a virus lurking on your PC that is deleting vital libraries and files to cause the user pain or even hold you to ransom.

The primary and simplest solution to this problem is to re-install the MSVCP 140.dll library from this page, and then if unsuccessful try a latest anti-virus program.

How to Fix MSVCP140.Dll Missing error

Fix 1 – Reinstall the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package

The missing file is part of the Visual C++ Redistributable for 2015 Visual Studio package. The visual studio gives the necessary parts to run all C++ applications on Window personal computer.

The msvcp140.dll is added in the visual studio, in case you encounter the mscvp140.dll missing issue, it is because this DDL file got damaged. So the simplest way to fix the file issue is to reinstall the visual C++ Redistributable package from the Microsoft site.

To perform that

  • Go to Microsoft visual update 3 download page, pick the right language, and then click download.
  • Pick the right file for your window version
  • Once the file downloads, twins click on it and follow the instructions to install it.
  • Now restart your personal computer.
  • Now run the program or game to check if the msvcp140.dll missing issue still emerging or not.

Fix 2: Run a malware/virus scan of your full system

Malware/virus can stop the MSVCP140.dll file being noticed. So run a malware/virus scan of your full system to view if your system is infected with malware/virus.

Window defender might not be sufficient to detect malware/virus. You can try a best third party antivirus or anti-malware program and view if it helps. If you have no idea what program you can use, the famous MalwareBytes is your top option.

Fix 3: Reinstall origin

Firstly, uninstall origin from your PC.

Right-click on the start menu key at the lower left side of the desktop and pick Apps and features.

Click on Origin and click Uninstall.

Follow the on-display instructions to uninstall the program.

Secondly, download and install the Origin again. Then check to view if the Origin MSVCP140.dll missing error is resolved.

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