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Criteria for Choosing True Commercial Laundry Equipment for Your Business


Equipment is the greatest asset of a laundry business. As such, the right equipment increases the business’s productivity, long-term value, efficiency, and quality. It, in turn, helps increase your profits. As a laundry business owner, you must be keen when choosing your equipment and getting the necessary commercial laundry parts from Laundry Replacement Parts for your laundry machines. What’s more, commercial equipment comes in different makes, models, and features. It would help to take some time and consider the different choices available in the market. Even then, ensure that you choose laundry equipment that is durable, long-lasting, and reliable. Below is a basic criterion for choosing true commercial laundry equipment for your business;

Made using best quality materials

It’s said a machine is only as good as its parts; a machine made with low-quality parts can only be durable for a short while. You may want to look out for the components used to make your commercial equipment. These should be durable, tough, and hard-wearing. Some manufacturers often tout their machines as commercial-grade yet they are made with residential laundry machine quality parts. With the right parts such as dexter laundry parts, you can be sure to avoid frequent repairs and services calls or even replacements.

Designed for commercial use

Most laundry machines are labeled ‘commercial’ but not all are specifically designed for commercial use. The ideal commercial laundry equipment should be of the right size and engineered to withstand a large load of laundry and can be used in busy environments. Ensure you machines are a commercial machine and not residential equipment. You may want to look for machines with features such as 8-point suspension for load balancing and those with a long life span.


 A machine can be labeled as long-lasting. However, this feature is dependent on several things. Take for instance residential equipment that is mostly used once a day, such equipment is bound to last for many years adding to the fact that residential laundry machine use involves some loads of clothes. For commercial use in a laundromat, a single machine could be used more than 6 times a day 6 days a week and each time involves large loads of clothes, such usage lowers the serviceability of the machine. Such a machine can still be used after 4 years but it will have warranted some repairs and parts replacements due to wear and tear. Go for laundry equipment whose lifespan is measured by the number of cycles. This will let you know for how long you’ll use it before you have to replace it.

Fewer service calls

As stated, not all machines labeled ‘commercial’ can be used for commercial purposes. The ideal commercial machine is the kind that does not require frequent servicing and repairs. Regular servicing can impact your business’s bottom line, more so if you have several machines and that can affect the overall income.

It is important when choosing a commercial machine to look for one that can be used for commercial purposes. The machine should not require frequent servicing and should be developed using high-quality parts. Lastly, the machine’s life should be measurable by the number of cycles it can run.

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